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Turning operations with dimensions up to 1000mm diameter and 2000mm length.
Milling operations with dimensions WxDxH 1200mm / 700mm / 1000mm.
Drilling operations with high dimensional accuracy (to +/- 0.01mm to 1000mm).

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Bending and cutting of sheet metal thickness up to 8mm (cutting up to 10mm) and length up to 3m.
Forging bending, drawing and stamping of parts.

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Welding of ferrous and nonferrous metals in TIG and MIG welding machines.

Plasma cutting of parts from sheet material with thickness up to 30mm and sizes up to 1500mm / 3000mm. Laser cutting with high precision parts from sheet material with thickness up to 10mm (stainless steel up to 8mm) and up to 1500mm / 3000mm

Mechanical polishing of parts and equipment from stainless steel with a roughness Rz = 0.6μm.

Design and construction of damaged machine parts and restoration of worn parts.

Repair and renovation of machinery and equipment technical requirements of the customer. Renovation of mechanical and electrical assemblies and modules. Creation of technical documentation. Legalization of facilities subject to control.

Design and development of custom systems for management and control of machines and equipment. Integration of new systems for management and control in production facilities. Development of custom software for management and control.

Design and creation of technical documentation of equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry are subject to legalization and subsequent control. Initial and periodic testing and issuing reports or certificates.


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